What Goes Around Comes Around

What Goes Around Comes Around v04 00;04;36;12_v02_72dpi

An experimental abstract piece cultivated from three different live production sessions in which synthesized video images produced with Paracosm’s Lumen software were transferred to VHS tape, remixed through a circuit-bent Tachyons+ analog video processor and then subsequently reremixed back into a computer using Arkaos GrandVJ software. The title alludes to the signals going back and forth between digital and analog manipulations before arriving at the final composition as well as the solar/planetary images that emerge from the abstractions. Music: DG13817 by Production Unit Xero


U Conduit

U Conduit STILL_72dpi

Edited from a live production session utilizing Paracosm’s Lumen video synthesizer app and Arkaos GrandVJ.  Music:  SoSrp1513 by Production Unit Xero off of the compilation album 3 Way Split released on the Laptop Hooligans netlabel.