“What Goes Around Comes Around” featured in ep. 12-5 of “Here Comes Everybody”

“What Goes Around Comes Around” featured about 19 min. into the Fifth installment of the Twelfth episode of a monthly Experimental cable access show broadcast in Los Angeles, Berkeley, Portland, Olympia, Seattle & Chicago, showcasing the work of contributors located around the world.


In The Zone (360)

In The Zone 01;49;15;09_72dpi

A short piece edited down from a 3-hour live remix session of several episodes of the Twilight Zone television series in which out of context emotional gestures heighten the surreal sense of wonder and confusion that was the show’s hallmark back in the day.  Music:  My Funky Bro by Ethnomite Pux

Check out the standard 2D version here: https://vimeo.com/209402321


Whirly – May 3, 2017



I’m very pleased to present the first in a series of live abstract mixes that I recorded in collaboration with a group of local DJs as part of Whirly Wednesdays, a flow artist rehearsal group that is also generous enough to allow musicians and other artists to come in and do their thing.  I used to VJ for them fairly regularly when they were meeting at the Flying Squirrel Community Center here in Rochester, NY  during the winter of 2013/14 and thought it might be fun to try it again this past week.  Hopefully if I have the time and bandwidth perhaps I can try to make it a regular thing again 😉

Dark Matters

Dark Matters 00;05;29;04_72dpi

Unedited excerpt from a live remix of a VHS copy of Donnie Darko with an episode of the CBS news magazine show “48 Hours” about a love triangle murder captured via an over the air receiver during a DJ show at Montage Music Hall on April 2, 2016. Music: Suave – Living Receiver (Thromb remix)

Watch the standard 2D version here: vimeo.com/206645944